Teach for OLLI at FIU

Do you have a skill or area of expertise you would like to share?

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at FIU accepts teaching proposals all year. Content is typically delivered during a 90-minute session and includes time for Q&A with the attendees.

Most programming is offered during the daytime hours, Monday through Friday; however, select evening and weekend options may be available.

Prospective instructors may   submit proposals   here for consideration. Our volunteer Curriculum Committee and Program Director will review submissions quarterly and may request virtual or in-person interviews.

  • A professor standing in front of a black board with chalk in hand.

    Current or Former Professor

    Do you enjoy delivering quality content and engaging others with new information?  Whether you currently teach or have previously taught at the college or university level, we are interested in learning more about your subject matter of choice.  Many of our current faculty have experience in higher education and have a passion for teaching.  Most find our lifelong learners to be some of the best students who seek out and embrace new knowledge.  Paid and volunteer opportunities exist.

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    Have you spent years immersed in a particular subject matter?  Can you enlighten a group of avid learners?  We would be happy to hear about your area of expertise to see if it is a good fit for our audience.  Whether you are a history expert who can share interesting content weekly or want to give a 1-time lecture on quantum physics, we encourage you to submit a proposal.  Paid and volunteer opportunities exist.

  • A male research expert looking into a magnifying glass conducting research.

    Graduate Students

    Are you a graduate student looking to share your research?  Our audience consists of lifelong learners who embrace a good discussion.  If you have exciting news, interesting information, or surprising data you’d like to disseminate, let us know.  We welcome cutting-edge facts and data-driven content.  OLLI at FIU members are students for life!  Most graduate students host their first session as a volunteer.  If additional content is requested, a stipend may be offered.

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    Passion or Story to Tell

    Will your excitement and desire for a particular activity or hobby draw upon the curiosity of others?  Do you have an inspiring story to share?  We like to add unique and exciting content to our schedule.  Requests to present should demonstrate a principal purpose or focus area to be discussed in great detail.  Presentations should engage attendees and deliver quality information.  Most lecturers in this category are volunteers.

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    Author Discussions

    Are you a published author?  Are you looking for a platform to share your work?  We often partner with a local library, Brockway Memorial in Miami Shores, to offer community events to showcase an author and their work.  The sessions are free and open to the public to learn more about the work and propose questions directly to the author.  Although we do not pay for these sessions, we promote your work and encourage attendees to purchase a copy of the book.

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    Social Activity

    OLLI at FIU not only offers educational content but also hosts a variety of socially engaging activities.  Do you have a concept or idea that will bring people together?  Are you open to taking the lead to support the activity?  Don't worry...you won't be alone.  Our staff and volunteers are here to assist.  While our members love to learn, they also appreciate the opportunity to connect and have some fun.  Our social activities are free for members and promoted through our MeetUp group and on social media.  Facilitators are volunteers.