Term dates: January 9 - February 25, 2023

Advanced registration required. Register online or call 305-919-5900. Pro-rated options are available if unable to attend an entire course. Contact the office to discuss further.

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Both in-person and virtual options are available. 

  • Aventura (Plaza at ParkSquare)
  • Miami Shores (Brockway Memorial Library and Community Center)
  • Miramar (FIU at I-75)
  • North Miami (FIU's Biscayne Bay Campus)
  • Pembroke Pines (Pembroke Pines Jewish Center in Century Village)
  • Virtually via Zoom

In-person:  Aventura, Miami Shores, & North Miami

CourseBiscayne Bay Campus6M1/23-2/2710:30 AM12:00 PMThe Wars of the Middle East:  Israel: from Besieged State to Regional HegemonySince the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the close of World War I, the West’s impact on the Perso-Islamic world has been profoundly disturbing.  Convulsed by imperialism, nationalism, materialism, and Islamism, all funded by immense oil wealth, the Islamic peoples have struggled to adjust to modernity, a struggle that has often devolved into war, the most common of which has been the struggle between Israel and the other states of the region.  We will examine the modern history of the area through the lens of the Arab-Israel conflict, and how Israel transformed from a developing country, seemingly on the verge of total defeat, to unquestioned military dominance.  Jeffrey Greenhut$100$75

In-person:  Miramar and Pembroke Pines

CourseFIU at I-755M1/23-2/2710:00 AM12:00 PMDrawing for LongevityIntroductory drawing class. Get ready to tap into your creativity and learn some basic drawing techniques. No experience necessary. Exercising your creativity leads to increased quality of life as people age.  Drawing has been shown to enhance memory recall and reduce anxiety.  Regular practice has led to major improvements for those with moderate or severe depression.  Creating art helps lower a person's pain perception and improves overall cognitive functioning.James Warwick$75$50
1-Time LecturePembroke Pines Jewish Center1T2/2810:30 AM12:00 PMMarc Chagall, from La Ruche to the Paris OpéraIn the twentieth century, the Parisian artistic life of Montmartre shifted to Montparnasse and the Vaugirard district. There, the artistic colony of la Ruche flourished. From his early years at la Ruche to his masterpiece at the Palais Garnier, Chagall painted his magical images in the city of light.  Armando Droulers$20$10